Premium Domains


Premium Domains are domain names that are already registered, but made available for sale. The price of Premium Domains is higher than normal domain names and varies based on a number of factors such as number of characters in the domain name, common keywords, recall value or the generated traffic. A Premium Domain may provide better Search Engine Optimization, or a more memorable web address for your online presence.

  • The price for Premium Domains is set by the current owner of the domain name and is non-negotiable. This is a one time payment by the buyer to secure ownership of the domain name.

  • Once purchased, Premium Domains can be renewed at standard Renewal pricing applicable.

Acquiring a Premium Domain

Premium Domains based on the keyword used for Domain Name Check Availability action will be displayed in the Check Availability results. The desired Premium Domain needs to be added to the shopping cart and the Order Executed. Once the Premium Domain has been acquired, it will be activated under your Control Panel.


Upon executing the Order, the system actually places a Transfer request for the Premium Domain. The Customer's funds will be deducted immediately, while your (and your Sub-Reseller's) funds will be locked and subsequently deducted form the respective Accounts upon completion of the Transfer.